Info Name Country Subject Views

Action Without Borders United States Connecting for a Better World 1439 USA Partnership to Cut Hunger & Poverty in Africa 1292
Dorcas The Netherlands International Christian Relief Organization 1240
GOAL Ireland GOAL works for the the most vulnerable in our world to have access to watsan facilities and other fundamental needs 1257
IFRE Institute of Field Reserach & Expdition United States Volunteer Program 1041
Net Impact USA Gglobal network of MBAs, graduate students and professionals 1059
Plan International Headquarters United Kingdom Achieving positive change in the lives of Children 1014
Protos Belgium Working for a better world through improved water services 1249
Samaritian Purse USA Helping world's poor, sick and suffering 1319
Simavi The Netherlands Project support for poor people in Africa & Asia 1077
ZOA-Refugee Care THE NETHERLANDS Contributing to social structures, justice & reconciliation 1238