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Address:P.O. Box 80
Postal Code:1619 ZH
Country:The Netherlands
Phone:+ 31-228-595900
Mobile phone:

Dorcas Aid International is a Christian relief and development organisation, committed to fulfil the command Jesus Christ gave to His followers to take care of the poor and oppressed (Matt. 25:31-46), irrespective of their race, religion, gender or political conviction.

We operate in partnership with local churches and Christian organisations, awakening and empowering them to share the love of Christ through practical deeds.
Dorcas began in 1980 as a small group of people in the Netherlands mainly focused on assisting those imprisoned for their faith under the communist regime.

Now, over twenty years later, Dorcas Aid International is operating world-wide providing social, development and relief aid through over 100 projects in more than 20 countries (in Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa. 
Dorcas Aid derives its name from a woman mentioned in the Bible: a follower of Christ living  2000 years ago, a few years after He had left for heaven. She was 'always doing good and helping the poor'(Acts 9:36). She was an example for the Christians of the early church.

Dorcas operates by funding projects of local partners. A local partner is a Christian church or aid organization that helps the poor in their community. We give support in four ways:

1. Through structural development projects Dorcas lends support to help local communities become self-sustaining and less dependent on foreign aid.
The beneficiaries of the projects are the really poor and oppressed, with special attention to women and children. These projects focus on five specific areas: Agriculture, water supply, health care, housing, and income generating projects. 30% of the Dorcas projects especially focuses on children. 

2. In social projects Dorcas gives a helping hand to those that are poor and vulnerable in former communist countries, giving them food and clothing.

3. Many of the above projects are funded through financial sponsorship. This means that donors ('sponsors') pay a monthly amount of money for a particular child, family or 'granny' in one of the project countries. 4 In relief and rehabilitation operations Dorcas serves to lessen the effects of disasters (both man-made and natural) by providing food, clothing and medical assistance; refugees are assisted in resettling.

Dorcas is financially supported by local churches, donors, governments, the UN and the European Union. Dorcas also collects and supplies goods in kind, to different projects in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Worldwide thousands of volunteers are actively involved in our work. URL is vervallen



Adresses world-wide

Dorcas Aid International

TEL: (31) 228 592824 FAX: (31) 228 592787

Eastern Europe, Paul Visky P.F. 146 4002 Debrecen, Hungary Tel./fax: 36 52 323226

Romania, Attila Daray
Str. Blajului
27 Cluj Napoca 3400 Romania Tel./fax: 40 264 416336

Moldova, Vasile Babin str. Mircea cel Batrin 34, ap. 229 MD-2075 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, Tel: +373 28 481907 Fax: +373 22 408622

Transcarpathia (Ukraine), Eva Valkocz Tserkovnaya street 3 Surte 89432, Transcarpathia Ukraine Tel: 380 3122 75216 Tel/fax: 390 3122 27974

Balkan Albania, Ilia Dishnica L.e Re "Sporti", Rruga e Unazes Korca, Albania Tel./fax: 355 82 42115

Bosnia, Virginija Brenner Butmirska Cesta 40
Ilidza, Sarajevo
& Mahala 33a
79260 Sanski Most
Bosnia & Herzegovina Tel/fax (office Sarajevo): (387) 33 637604
Tel/fax (office Sanski Most) (387) 37 681502

Russia, Bert Dokter Ul. Zavodskaya, 11a Zheleznodorozhny Moscow Region 143983 Russia Tel./fax: 7 495 522 2169
Northern Africa, Michel Gendi C/o DAI HQ Tel: 20 2 507 0233 Fax: 20 2 507 0776

Ethiopia, Genet Kebede P.O. Box 8989 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tel: 251 1 613710/613542 Fax: 251 1 61 35 42

Eastern Africa Kenya, Edwin Onyancha P.O. Box 76495 00508 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: 254 20 57 60 57 Fax: 254 20 576 241

Tanzania, Stella Sozigwa Mayenje P.O. Box 14385 Arusha Tanzania Tel: 255 27 255 3389

Mozambique, Dr. Idiong Benson
C.P. 548 Beira Rep. De Mozambique Tel : 258 3 233 11541/2 Fax: 258 3 233 13004

Lesotho, Jaap Knot
L1/296 E.K. House 296 Bowker Road Old Europa Maseru, 100 Lesotho Tel:  266 22313853 Fax: 266 22310282

South Africa, Wendy Lubbee
P.O. Box 2546 Florida Hills South Africa 1716 tel/fax 2711 672 9669